Internet Advertising That Works

Every businessperson wants an advertising campaign that produces results, and with TrueSearch, there’s no reason you can’t have one. TrueSearch lets your business break into the online market with an Internet advertising campaign tailored to your needs. With TrueSearch, your online advertisements will equal more sales. We help you advertise your services on the Internet with a three-way approach that includes:

  • Internet advertisements;
  • Proven strategies that optimize your backend input for quicker results;
  • CRM tools that make it easy to get daily advertising performance reports in just a few clicks.

Why should you use online advertising? It’s the easiest way to generate business traffic – both to your website and to your brick-and-mortar locations! Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising on the Internet lets you pay only when a customer finds their way to your business website by clicking on your ad. Our team of TrueSearch technology experts will:

  • Help you find the best advertising keywords for your business – the ones that will bring you the most visitors online;
  • Use your budge to optimize your ad’s performance on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other major search engines;
  • Analyze your ad campaign’s performance around the clock;
  • Achieve the highest return for your investment on PPC advertising.

At TruePresence our motto is, “Performance Over Position!” We work to constantly improve your campaign by analyzing what works and what doesn’t. The TrueSearch Technology Platform learns which keywords produce the most direct interaction between consumer and business to automatically direct more campaign dollars to the advertisements producing the most quality leads. Call today to talk to our technology experts about our online advertising services!


NEW TrueAccess: Bring Customers to Your Online Business

The success of your online business depends on bringing qualified customers to your website in an organic, natural way. TrueAccess brings you serious customers who are ready to buy, without a lo


"Now, whenever I meet a new potential client or employee, I tell them to check out our site because I know it delivers a positive impression."

- Logan Payne, Founder and President, Creative Mortgage Partners Corporation